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The implicit feelings towards the brand

Our brains have to make so many decisions every day that we rely heavily on our right brain to cope, including decisions about brands (defined by Kahneman as the “System 1” mode of thought). This means that much of the time we make rapid, unconscious decisions based on emotion, feelings and instinct. Rational perceptions can also play a role, but are more often post-rationalising what were ultimately emotionally-based decisions.

Understanding the implicit connection and feelings towards your brand and how to develop it is therefore fundamental to building a strong brand. We use Plutchik’s widely validated wheel of emotions to identify which implicit emotions are most important in shaping your brand.

Want to understand your brand’s implicit emotional equity?

We can help you with:

  • Brand emotion measurement
  • Implicit response testing
  • Brand development
  • Brand personality assessment
  • Semiotics

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