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Case Studies

Measuring the internal brand

The Key Challenge

A people-focussed brand wanted to track its internal brand health over the long term, to try to understand its team’s connection to its organisational culture and brand. Mirroring the role of its external brand health tracker, the client needed ways to collect honest and unbiased internal feedback from employees in different global locations.

The Researchcraft Approach

Employees from multiple global locations were asked to participate in an anonymous annual online survey. Typically, each country secured up to 1,000 completes per market yielding rich feedback on how employees felt about the company they worked for, its values, culture and their connection to the brand.

The Outcome

As a complement to their existing employee engagement surveys (which look at day-to-day management of employee happiness), the internal brand health tracker is being used to steadily build a longer-term view of internal brand health and provide a deeper understanding of the cultural values and inherent DNA of the brand. This will be used to help shape future people culture within the company, strengthening its brand from the inside out.

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