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Case Studies

Continuous tracking

The Key Challenge

After conducting Brand Tracking as quarterly dips, a rapidly growing pet care brand developed an appetite to have more regular data to enable them to monitor and evaluate their ‘always on’ marketing strategy.

The Researchcraft Approach

A monthly Brand Tracker was introduced with continuous weekly sampling. Over the course of a month, 600 pet owners complete an online survey. The survey has a framework of measures including Brand Health, Brand Presence and Brand Equity. Weekly sampling allows us to closely monitor reactions to the brand’s marketing activity but also the ability monitor competitor movements and examine how external events impact the brand. The study is now in its fifth year.

The Outcome

We are able to provide regular, monthly reporting (in the form of dashboards and summary reports) so the business can closely track their KPIs and share them with multiple internal stakeholders, including board level. Every quarter there is also a strategic deep dive session where we exploit the wealth of data available to explore any current themes and hot topics and build a more granular understanding of key issues.

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