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Case Studies

Brand Tracking - taking the long term view

The Key Challenge

To enable a global hospitality brand to achieve a greater understanding of the common threads that bind the brand across multiple and diverse local markets, providing a long term strategic view on how the brand is developing globally.

The Researchcraft Approach

In collaboration with stakeholders from both the global and local teams we created a framework of brand measures that were tailored specifically around the client’s brand and category landscape. This has been used to track the brand and competitive set with a regular cadence for more than 10 years, providing the business with a deep and long term understanding of the brand using a common ’brand language’ across markets.

The Outcome

This has enabled the business to measure the pulse of the brand at key points in the year providing long-term strategic insight across markets whilst still providing local teams with actionable feedback that enables them to respond to local challenges. As well as being shared regularly at global C-Suite level, it has also provided a successful forum for local teams to share learnings and help address common challenges.

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